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Tuesday, 10th November 2015


I’m so excited to finally write my first blog post and to actually start blogging! I´ve been thinking about starting my own blog since last christmas and now almost a year later I´m there. As I tell on my about page I got the idea for my blog after I´d accidently found Polyvore and after I watched the movie Coco before Chanel.  I found Polyvore as I was googling a piece of clothing and found it on Polyvore. At first I didn´t even create my own account there, because I thought the sets looked so amazing and professional, that I wouldn´t have the nerve to put my amateur sets there. But after a while I realized the friendly nature of Polyvore and the community , created my profile and was completely hooked!

I watched Coco before Chanel for the first time last year and I was so inspired by the story. Going after your dreams, not caring if you or your ideas are different from the mainstream, and just being true to yourself. I also adore Audrey Tautou, she´s so beautiful and a great actress. After the movie I felt the urge to do something I never thought I´d do, and be courageous. And that was the seed  for my blog.

The defining thing that made my blog a reality was the fact that I decided to do my graduation thesis about blogging, so there was no more chickening out and turning back.

My blog is mainly about fashion. I fell in love with designer clothing, but I can´t afford them, at least not now. But who says you can´t dream and imagine yourself wearing them. That´s why I decided to create a section to my blog, where I can wear all the designer clothing I can imagine. I created my dream closet , where I Photoshop designer clothing on me. They´re like a piece of  art  mixed with an outfit post.

I also want to show my style, which mainly consists of affordable clothing sometimes mixed with a designer piece. I usually wear clothes from shops like  Vila, Object, H&M, Vero Moda, Pull & Bear, Adidas and Forever 21.


I love wearing and mixing prints. The half-sleeved jacket is from Forever 21, which I bought over a year ago from Paris. It´s my favorite jacket and I´d wear it all year around if it did´t get so cold in Finland in the winter. The top, which is from Vero Moda, has very similar print as the jacket and I love them together.  What do you guys think about mixing prints?

Prints paired with a simple pair of blue denim jeans and a blue bag and a pair of Vagabond boots is creat everyday autumn look.









Thanks for reading my first blog post! Please tell me what you think about it on the comment section. And If you like it please subscribe to my blog via email and follow me on Instagram. Oh, and join my Polyvore group!

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2 thoughts on “First Post, Mixing prints

  • Reply Rachel November 20, 2015 at 5:08 am

    lovely outfit!

    • Eiwa
      Reply Eiwa November 20, 2015 at 4:47 pm

      Thank you Rachel 🙂


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